Dr. Hofmann provides customized consultations with patients from her practice space in Redmond, WA. She encourages patients to be established with a Primary Care Provider because unlike most Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Hofmann does not function as such.

Patients can establish continued care with Dr. Hofmann at any point during their health journey. Many patients utilize Dr. Hofmann’s care for individualized detoxification programs. Dr. Hofmann is also happy to assist those who must unravel complicated layers of interferences that are preventing them from experiencing progress and recovery. Dr. Hofmann has made working with biological dentists and biologically-friendly dentists a specialty. Patient outcomes can be optimized with proper diagnosis and execution of dental work and Dr. Hofmann would be pleased to recommend and refer you to the best dentist to fit your needs

Dr. Hofmann is a gifted Family and Spiritual Constellation provider and is delighted to focus a session of care on this work.

The scheduled patient is Dr. Hofmann’s focus during the assigned period of time. Family members, friends and medical advocates are certainly welcome and encouraged to observe in a quiet manner.

Patients are advised to schedule at least 1 week ahead of time. New patients will be required to fill out the New Patient Intake Form automatically emailed after scheduling on Dr. Hofmann’s website:

Be sure to read the Welcome Letter for further guidance.

Please email if you have any further questions.