What to expect working with Dr. Hofmann

Most people take for granted when a cut heals. If not hampered, it simply happens, beautifully and efficiently. When blocks are present, however, whether nutritionally (i.e., lack of Vitamin C), physically (i.e., dirt in the cut), or situationally (i.e., lack of rest) the cut may take longer to heal, or not heal at all. Dr. Hofmann’s approach is simple: identify which blocks need removing to allow the body’s amazing innate ability to heal. This is our divine right.

As we are physical beings connected to the physical world, so too are we spiritual and energetic beings connected to the spiritual and energetic realms. Dr. Hofmann is adept at traversing all the levels on which blocks may occur, from the physical to the spiritual and energetic. She recognizes that every level deserves attention and nourishment. It is a skill that sets her apart from other healthcare providers.

Everyone’s path to wellness is different, though similar principles are applied—remove toxins, provide nourishment, and reduce inflammation. Dr. Hofmann is interested in working with patients that are committed to their healing journey. They are patients invested in understanding themselves on a deeper level within their environment and circumstances. Patients do best when they form a partnership with Dr. Hofmann, working together to better their health. While working within healthy boundaries, Dr. Hofmann thoroughly enjoys educating and problem solving, and believes that no case is incurable or without direction. She is also happy to work in conjunction with other care providers.

The body communicates both verbally and non-verbally. A patient’s ability to clearly communicate their symptoms and experiences goes far in determining approach. Dr. Hofmann picks up non-verbal cues via a wide variety of diagnostic methods, ranging from bloodwork and imaging analysis, to clinical trials and autonomic response testing. When distilled and synthesized with the help of an experienced healer, comprehensive information and communication serves a patient well.

Dr. Hofmann evaluates her patients for blocks and crafts plans of action to remove them. Treatment may include in-office services, such as IV nutrition supplementation and emotional work, or at home protocols, lifestyle changes, and practitioner referrals. Dr. Hofmann draws from an eclectic range of therapies, and understands the most critical aspects at play. Her goal is to help make the patient’s healing journey as comfortable as possible, while reorienting them to do what feels good to relieve suffering.

While caring for her patients, Dr. Hofmann strives to create a relaxed and nonjudgemental environment. Skilled in assisting chronically ill patients and sympathizing with all the humility that arises from the struggle of being unwell, she holds her patients’ vulnerability in the highest light.

Dr. Hofmann extends her divine heart and mind to her work, with the hope that her patients benefit from her education, talents, and experience, while recognizing that the relationship is reciprocal. May we all learn and grow together, enlightening each other as we embark on our journeys to healing.