Dr. Hofmann is a naturopathic doctor successfully using various forms of biofeedback to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of her patient population, particularly those with chronic disease.

Biochemical and electromagnetic toxins are increasingly compromising our health as a human species. Practitioners must stay current to the present-day afflictions of the human experience if we are to adequately address them. That’s why modern applied kinesiology techniques such as Autonomic Response Testing are incredibly useful.

Autonomic Response Testing offers the practitioner interested in treating the root cause of illness a method of evaluating and treating anyone—regardless of age, genetic background or current state of heath. ART embraces the simple principles of light and electricity, infusing physics into a Western medical culture predominated by biochemistry.

ART helps answer the most important questions regarding a patient’s illness: Where and what is the blockage to cure? What is the underlying cause? How are the patient’s symptoms related? Do I boost or suppress the immune / neurological response? How do I modify it? How can my patient and I build a comprehensive treatment plan? With answers in hand, the physician or healer can successfully guide a patient back to health, while honoring Primum non nocere (first, do no harm) and resisting the need to simply “do something” without just cause.

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Find answers for you and your patients with Autonomic Response Testing!