Welcome to the practice of Dr. Allison Hofmann!

The following is a list of guidelines to help you prepare for your first appointment.


Dr. Hofmann will spend time with you going over your case and your needs.  Please prepare questions beforehand to assure that she can answer anything during the allotted appointment time.  She will then diagnosis, guide you with her recommendations, and treat accordingly.


Dr. Hofmann uses a system called Autonomic Response Testing to diagnose and treat.  You can read more about this on our ART page.  This system ideally utilizes a third party “arm” as a stand-in to assist Dr. Hofmann in accurately and efficiently using her time to focus on your needs.  NO prior training is required.  There are two options in optimizing your time with Dr. Hofmann:

You can bring someone with you to the appointment who is able to stand during the designated time and assist Dr. Hofmann.  No prior knowledge of ART is required.  Dr. Hofmann will explain the process and lead the appointment.  She is literally just using an arm as a conduit.  The “arm” will not be intervening in the appointment in any other way except to quietly stand and assist Dr.Hofmann as directed.

Dr.Hofmann’s assistant may also be an arm.  We need to know within 1 week of scheduling if you need Dr. Hofmann’s assistant to be present for your appointment time.

There are many times when Dr. Hofmann can use your own arm for testing as she gets to know your system better over time.   She will let you know if/when that is appropriate.  If Dr. Hofmann has used your arm in the past and you have achieved successful outcomes with this method, don’t worry about the above stipulations. 


Because Dr. Hofmann specializes in making dental connections with many health challenges, please read the following information so that you are well educated and prepared for your initial appointment.   Find where you fit in the below scenarios.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious health condition such as an Autoimmune Disease, Neurological Disease or life-threatening condition that is not resolved/healed or is debilitating, a full-mouth panoramic x-ray is required.  The old school plain film kind (i.e. one that you can hold in your hand).  This is not to be confused with a digital version of a full mouth panoramic, which is much more common currently, but not useful for actual ART Testing, which Dr. Hofmann specializes in as a way to diagnose.  Please see the section marked ART for further information on this.

If you have a nagging health condition or have been diagnosed with functional issues that do not leave you debilitated (you are still able to participate in life), Dr. Hofmann may pursue dental imaging but you will not be required to get a full mouth panoramic x-ray prior to your initial appointment.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious health condition but you have received excellent biological dental interventions that did benefit you either temporarily or permanently, dental imaging may not be necessary.  Please consult with Dr. Hofmann first to get her recommendations.

If you are free of significant symptomatology (health complaints) and are free of any major health diagnoses and have never had major dental interventions such as amalgam removal, tooth extractions or root canals, dental imaging is not necessary unless Dr. Hofmann draws a different conclusion while under her care.

If you need a plain film panoramic, Northwest Radiology in Bellevue is the only location local to the Seattle area that provides this service.  You will need to ask Dr. Hofmann for a prescription to make an appointment here and obtain a plain film.


Dr. Hofmann works out of her home in Redmond, Washington.  Please understand that the address is not made public for that reason. Exact address and directions can be found on the back page of the policies you will initial when completing your initial intake form.  Dr.Hofmann will also email new patients additional directions.

There is no official waiting room.  Please simply arrive on time and not overly early for your appointment.  If you are early and weather is permitting, feel free to walk on the beautiful property.   

You will be asked to remove your shoes when you enter the home, so please bring socks if needed!  And we ask that you do not wear any perfumes, colognes, or body/hair products that contain a scent to the appointment to respect our chemically sensitive staff and patients.   There are wooden steps leading to the front door, and small steps on the main floor.  Be careful.  If you require extra assistance or ramp, please inform staff prior to your appointment for special arrangements to be made.


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