What is Autonomic response Testing (ART)?

art-1The diagnostic traditions of doctors and healers around the world is beautifully varied, each relying on the basic principles of observation and data synthesis. The diagnostic process of any healer or physician lies at the core of their practice, as mastery of the diagnostic system often distinguishes the doctor who is able to assist their patient from those that aren’t.

The longevity of systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda speak to their applicability and validity, a testament to the systematic yet adaptive art forms that they are. Scientific innovation of the western medical tradition has led to the development of an impressive array of technologies, which have also risen out of the need for accurate assessment of the human condition.

Modern disease conditions, caused by unprecedented levels of toxic stressors, have become progressively more complex. The most commonly accessible diagnostic systems often fail to meet the needs of the modern patient. Chronic suffering has never been more pervasive. How might we help our patients and ourselves under such conditions?

Human beings are the most well adapted biological “machines” available. We can analyze the complexity of our own kind in a way no synthetic or third party process can. Pioneers of the modern biofeedback community have thus developed intricate physical exams, able to evaluate the current state of a person’s autonomic nervous system and bio-photon field. These exams reveal extremely valuable information concerning a person’s health and the most effective strategies for restoring it to its optimal state.

art-2The autonomic nervous system is the part of the nervous system we don’t consciously control, controlling the vital functions like breathing, blood pressure, digestion, immune function, detoxification and hormone regulation. The bio-photon field is the summation of photons being emitted in and around our body. It is an organized manifestation of visible and ultraviolet light that is imperative to our cellular communication systems and thus all biological processes.

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) and Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT), developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD and Louisa Williams, ND, respectively, are the most sophisticated developments of this kind of energetic testing, allowing the practitioner to evaluate and engage in a patient’s health unlike no other diagnostic system. The physical exam includes traditional nervous system evaluation as well as principles of applied kinesiology (changes of muscle strength and length).

Evaluating how these energetic systems are functioning or “regulating” allows ART and MRT practitioners to find the most significant disruptions in a patient as well as the most appropriate solutions. Significant disruptors include focal infections, toxins, allergies, scars, structural issues, psychological stressors and electromagnetic stress. Solutions draw from the wide range of therapies available, from the holistic traditions of Naturopathic Medicine (herbs, homeopathy) to the innovative solutions of Biological Medicine (ozone therapy, laser therapies) to the frontiers of scientific advancement (surgeries, stem cell therapies, injectables).

Treatment of the underlying issues corrects the function of the autonomic nervous system and bio-photon field, allowing the body to self-regulate and self-heal. Attending to these “blockages to cure” is an imperative aspect of restoring our innate healing intelligence to create optimal wellness.

art-3What powerful tools these systems are! When appropriately applied, no other system can so quickly and accurately assess the human condition and provide the most suitable treatment options. Although only a handful of practitioners in the United States use ART and/or MRT, it is my sincere hope that one day patients have much easier access to practitioners employing these tools.
ART and MRT are cost-effective and life-restoring tools. They can be utilized and integrated into any type of medical or wellness practice. As a competent ART/MRT practitioner willing to travel to your place of practice, let me help you and your patients discover the root causes of their ill health and determine an appropriate path to recovery.