Dr. Hofmann Reviews

Dr. Hofmann has only been my doctor for 4 months, but I already consider her to be the best I’ve ever had, and being a 62 year old with long-standing late stage Lyme disease, co-infections and secondary infections, I’ve had many. She has wasted no time trying to get me well as quickly as possible, and I’ve never at any point felt that my health wasn’t her top priority. She’s so approachable, sympathetic, empathetic, calm, and caring, listens carefully to what I have to say and takes time to answer my questions, whether it’s during my appointments or in follow-up correspondence. She is thorough and persistent in her testing until she is very sure of the treatment to administer, which gives me a lot of assurance that I’m getting the best possible individualized care each time I see her. No “cookie cutter medicine” practiced in her office! Seeing her, I have felt more a member of my health care team than with any other doctor I’ve seen, and I appreciate the time she has taken to explain so much about her choices for my treatment. She also gets an A+ at painless IV’s!!

review_img1Having a child with health issues will send a parent to the ends of the earth to locate anyone to help him or her. Luckily, I didn’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to find a kind, attentive, brilliant practitioner, who has my family’s best interest at heart. Dr. Hofmann goes to great lengths to ensure that people of ALL ages receive the best care possible. Along with treating my husband and me, Dr. Hofmann has treated my two children, with great success, since they were both born with health concerns. Dr. Hofmann addressed issues such as thyroid dysfunction, mineral deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances, among others, to help my entire family live healthier, happier lives! She is truly a blessing to those she treats, and I consider my family VERY blessed to have been in her care!

Dr.Hofmann exemplifies what it means to be a true healer. Her aptitude as a skilled practitioner is unmatched. She is resourceful, diligent, kindhearted, and will go the extra mile to get her patients well. Dr.Hofmann uses her sharp intuition to know when to push and when to lighten the course toward wellness. Intensely challenging and complex cases do not intimidate her as a dauntless beacon of hope. If your desire is to be well in an atmosphere of understanding, grace, and common sense you do not need to look any further for a naturopathic physician as Dr.Hofmann comprises all of these qualities.

I’ll never forget my first consultation with Dr. Hofmann. It was unlike any doctor’s visit I’d ever been to. Understanding that many factors play into why a person gets sick, she went way beyond asking the rote health history questions that most doctors stick to. Among the topics we discussed were my dental history, the dynamics of my family, foreign countries I’d traveled to, stressful life changes I’d experienced—all for her to better understand me as a whole, not just the sum parts of me that weren’t well. She genuinely listened to me, and was able to help me connect the dots from what ailed me to what the root causes were. Between Dr. Hofmann’s vast knowledge, keen intuition, and cutting edge diagnostics I always feel I’m in excellent hands when being treated by her!

review_img2I am a two-time national team athlete and a 2016 Olympic hopeful as a member of the US women’s rowing team. I also have ulcerative colitis.
My team trains year round two to three times a day seven days a week. I try to push my body’s limits everyday, this is not possible without maintaining my health and energy. Allison has helped me maintain optimum health and energy throughout my rowing career.
I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2014. I had my first flare during a training camp. My GI doctor told me to continue training and that soon the drug he was prescribing would control the flare. Instead, the flare lasted a month. Toward the end of that month, I started working with Allison. While the doctors were saying there was nothing I could do but wait, Allison was prescribing supplements and making dietary recommendations to reduce the inflammation and strengthen my immune system, so my body could do what it does best to heal itself. Not until following her flare protocol could I start to control my symptoms.
Once under Allison’s care I started to feel healthier than before I developed UC. People often say to me, you look so healthy! I know it is because Allison helps me replenish and restore my body in ways it had been lacking for a long time.
Once the flare passed, I continued to work with Allison to prevent another flare and heal my stomach. There have been times I have run out of the supplements Allison has suggested and there is a noticeable difference in my energy levels. I have even developed flare like symptoms without the supplements, but still using GI prescribed drug, and only once back on the supplements do these symptoms subside.
Allison is knowledgeable and intuitive. I feel comforted by her instantly. She is a healer by her nature and her education. Without her sharing her gifts and expertise with me, I would not be able to thrive in this highly competitive environment. She has given me a sense of control, ease, and trust in my body and well-being. I am so thankful she is part of my healthcare.

review_img3From the first time we met Dr. Hofmann, we knew there was something very special about her. Over the last two years that we’ve been her patients, our admiration and respect have continued to grow. She is not only an extremely skilled and knowledgeable physician, but is incredibly compassionate and caring as well. Dr. Hofmann is very thorough and strives to figure out what is the root cause of your illness. She looks far beyond a diagnosis to what will really get her patient well. She listens, takes the time to answer your questions, and carefully explains her custom treatment plan for you. We always come away from appointments with her feeling encouraged and hopeful, which is much different than our experience with other doctors we’ve seen. We’re very blessed to have found Dr. Hofmann and highly recommend her to others, especially those suffering from a chronic illness who have failed to get help elsewhere.