servicesDr. Hofmann provides customized consultations with patients from her practice space in Woodinville, WA.  Patients may utilize Dr. Hofmann’s services for a specialty medical consultation and/or biological dentistry consultation. Dr. Hofmann often finds underlying dental issues associated with her patients current state of health and makes recommendations for planning holistic dental work appropriately.

The scheduled patient is Dr. Hofmann’s focus during the assigned period of time.  However, family members, friends and medical advocates are certainly welcome and encouraged to observe in a quiet manner.

Patients can establish regular care with Dr. Hofmann at any point during their health journey.   Patients are advised to schedule 2-4 weeks ahead of time.  Dr. Hofmann is happy to continue guidance for non-local patients via distance work.

Please email for more information on the various options of distance testing that is provided.

Dr. Hofmann is a gifted Family and Spiritual Constellation provider and is delighted to focus a session of care on this work.