Biological Dentistry


Because Dr. Hofmann specializes in making dental connections with many health challenges, please read the following information so that you are well educated and prepared for your initial appointment.   Find where you fit in the below scenarios.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious health condition such as an Autoimmune Disease, Neurological Disease or life-threatening condition that is not resolved/healed or is debilitating, a full-mouth panoramic x-ray is required.  The old school plain film kind (i.e. one that you can hold in your hand).  This is not to be confused with a digital version of a full mouth panoramic, which is much more common currently, but not useful for actual ART Testing, which Dr. Hofmann specializes in as a way to diagnose.  Please see the section marked ART for further information on this.

If you have a nagging health condition or have been diagnosed with functional issues that do not leave you debilitated (you are still able to participate in life), Dr. Hofmann may pursue dental imaging but you will not be required to get a full mouth panoramic x-ray prior to your initial appointment.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious health condition but you have received excellent biological dental interventions that did benefit you either temporarily or permanently, dental imaging may not be necessary.  Please consult with Dr. Hofmann first to get her recommendations.

If you are free of significant symptomology (health complaints) and are free of any major health diagnoses and have never had major dental interventions such as amalgam removal, tooth extractions or root canals, dental imaging is not necessary unless Dr. Hofmann draws a different conclusion while under her care.

If you need a plain film panoramic, Northwest Radiology in Bellevue is the only location local to the Seattle area that provides this service.  You will need to ask Dr. Hofmann for a prescription to make an appointment here and obtain a plain film.